Uberti USA Extends Outlaws & Lawmen Series to Include Dalton Revolver

Lhe history of the Old West is rich with tales of nefarious outlaws and heroic lawmen and today Uberti USA pays homage to these legendary figures with the Outlaw & Lawman Series. Uberti USA extends this popular Old West replica line with the introduction of the Dalton revolver, a historically accurate rendition of the [...]

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Stoeger Introduces Cutting-Edge PCP XM1 Air Rifle

Stoeger introduces its first Pre-Charged Pneumatics (PCP) air rifle with the XM1. The air rifle features a sleek Italian design with a sporty and distinctive look. The XM1 ensures the best performance for every shooting situation with high accuracy and ideal ergonomics. Powered by an integrated, rechargeable 2,900 psi tank (200 BAR), the XM1 [...]

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Franchi Affinity 3 Companion Series Releases 2020 Edition

Known among American shooters and hunters for both its durability and versatile nature, the Franchi Affinity 3 receives an aesthetic update honoring the bond between hunter and hunting companion. The latest Affinity 3 Companion Series shotgun depicts a German shorthaired pointer in an emblematic hunting scene engraved on the nickel-finished receiver. Complemented by a [...]

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Stoeger M3020 Shotgun Line Upgraded with Two New Models

Known for producing reliable and durable shotguns at affordable prices, Stoeger introduces two new additions to their M3020 line of firearms. The latest offerings bring fresh looks with updated features. The M3020 Upland Special shoulders and swings intuitively while the M3020 with Cerakote Burnt Bronze receiver and barrel and Realtree Max-5 stock and forend [...]

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ETHOS Receives Significant Upgrades from Benelli’s Performance Shop

Benelli's award-winning ETHOS shotgun is now available with significant upgrades from Benelli's Performance Shop. Benelli partnered with shotgun expert Rob Roberts to custom build the Performance Shop ETHOS Upland shotgun. The elegant and reliable shotgun combines traditional form with innovative refinements to create the perfect balance of art and technology. The latest Performance Shop [...]

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Burris Redesigns the Fullfield Riflescope with Fullfield IV

With over 50 years of steady performance and constant refinement, the latest Fullfield riflescope from Burris® is the surest companion a hunter can have. The completely redesigned Fullfield IV™, is rugged, lightweight, and most importantly reliable for an accurate shot every time. Five Fullfield IV models are offered each with improved 4x optical system, [...]

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Burris Dominates Close Range with New RT-1 and RT-3

Designed for speed and accuracy during competition and tactical shooting, the new Burris® RT-1 and RT-3 Prism sights complete the Burris R-T line of close-range optics. Compact profiles and rugged construction provide shooters two light-weight sight options with excellent balance for easy handling and speedy on target accuracy. The RT-1 features true 1x magnification [...]

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Sierra Bullets Expands Offerings

BulletSmiths Design and Manufacturing Sierra® Bullets, with more than 70 years of bullet innovation and precision craftsmanship, announces the expansion of its legendary bullet lines with eight new additions for 2020. From varmints to big-game hunting, Sierra Bullets provides unparalleled precision using the industry's most advanced manufacturing facilities. The new rifle bullets include two [...]

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New Burris RT Rifle Scopes Offer Value and Precision

LJoin in on the popular growing sport of precision rifle shooting with the new Burris® RT-15 and RT-25 rifle scopes. Designed for fun at the range or high-stakes competition, these scopes are perfect for those looking for a way to get into the action with a precision optic that won’t break the bank. Shooters [...]

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Franchi Expands Instinct Catalyst Line with New 20-Gauge Offering

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