American Outdoor News leads the way in outdoor coverage. A new podcast and summer issue of the magazine is on the way.

The free online magazine American Outdoor News specializes in covering all things outdoors, winning remarkable feedback for its diverse coverage. In exciting news, American Outdoor News recently announced it will be debuting the free American Outdoor News Podcast on June 1 to high anticipation. The podcast will feature interviews with the top names in the outdoor world and be available on the magazine’s official website, as well as across all of the major platforms.

“We are very excited about our podcast, which gives us another platform to celebrate our passion for the outdoors,” said Chris Avena, publisher of American Outdoor News. “We know that our fans are going to love the podcast as much as we loved creating it.”

In addition to the podcast, other interesting plans for the immediate future from American Outdoor News include the summer issue’s new column called “Hunt with Hounds,” sharing an adventure of hunting bear and mountain lion with hounds. In another highlight, the host of DSC’s “Trailing The Hunters Moon,” Larry Weishuhn shares the answer to the question, “If he had to choose one rifle, one caliber to hunt the world, what would it be?”

A new, free, Holiday Gear Guide is also planned in both direct mail and email versions. It will be stacked with reviews just in time for the holidays, making gift shopping easier and more fun. Details can be found at the American Outdoor News website.

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