‘Benelli Presents Donnie Vincent’s Winds of Adak’ Premiering Sunday, August 9th

Benelli has long been the choice of the world’s most hardcore waterfowl hunters, its shotguns known for their unflinching durability and innovation. This weekend, viewers can tag along and watch hunting legend Donnie Vincent put himself and three new Benelli firearms to the test including the Benelli Lupo, the first-ever Benelli bolt action rifle, on Alaska’s remote Adak Island, said to be the “birthplace of the wind.” Watch the film and the trailer at Benelliusa.com/windsofadak.

The noted biologist, conservationist and sportsman stars in “Benelli Presents Donnie Vincent’s Winds of Adak.” The film profiles the dueling balance of man and nature as Vincent’s journey crescendos with him dominating three critical moments. Viewers will watch angry seas and extreme weather fluctuations test the endurance of man and equipment alike. Vast ravines, mountains and inhospitable coastlines await Vincent as he puts the Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 with BE.S.T. coating, the 828U 20 gauge and the Lupo – the first-ever Benelli bolt-action rifle – to the ultimate test of performance, reliability and durability in a unique triple pursuit of caribou, ptarmigan and sea ducks.

Situated in the far southwest corner of the Aleutian Chain, Adak Island previously served as the home of Adak Naval Air Station and 6,000 enlisted men. As nature takes back the island, only deteriorating buildings, 70 residents and a caribou population introduced to feed the islanders in time of war are all that remain of the once thriving base.

Co-sponsored by Federal AmmunitionTetra hearing protection and Steiner Optics and produced by Sicmanta films, “Benelli Presents Donnie Vincent’s Winds of Adak” will be available to watch beginning at 8 p.m. EST on Sunday, August 9 by visiting www.windsofadak.com.

A live aftershow at 9 p.m. EST will feature Donnie Vincent and Cory Herendeen of Aleutian Outfitters talking about the experience of hunting and filming on Adak. Information on the aftershow will be available at windsofadak.com.

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To learn more about the Benelli products used in the film, go to www.benelliusa.com or www.windsofadak.com.

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