Burris Optics Incorporates Design Improvements to Create Oracle 2 Rangefinding Bow Sight

Provides exact distance to target and exact aiming points

Burris Optics changed the compound bow hunting game with the introduction of the Oracle Rangefinding Bow Sight in 2018 by taking the guesswork out of pin placement to give hunters the needed edge while in the field. Burris has built upon that success and incorporated positive consumer feedback for improvements in the overall design to enhance performance, bolster ruggedness and improve ease of use.

Knowing exact distance to target is critical when bow hunting. A few yards can be the difference between filling a tag or going home empty handed. The Oracle 2 eliminates unknown distances with a built-in IR laser rangefinder that automatically provides the correct aiming point for any distance and shot angle.

The Oracle 2 features increased functionality of the auto-brightness sensor to allow the pin brightness to be lower in ambient light conditions. Hunters can also use the easy-to-reach buttons to manually override the sensor to adjust to their desired brightness. The laser rangefinder adjustment mechanism also received improved usability by allowing users to adjust the laser’s point of aim without the use of special tools. The point of aim can now be adjusted much like a rifle scope and employs a more precise clicking mechanism.

Changes to the Oracle 2 provide much more ease-of-use with the bubble level integrated into the aiming ring, which can be removed and inverted to the six o’clock position for left-handed shooters. Burris relocated the Menu and Save/Selector buttons to eliminate hunters inadvertently hitting the incorrect function buttons. The mounting arm also received a makeover with an improved dovetail interface for a more precise fit to the bow and extended elevation and windage travel.

A durable, all aluminum, water resistant housing ensures reliable performance in the field. The Oracle 2 features a glassless sight window to prevent glare, fog or debris from blocking the target. Locking micro adjustment knobs allow for quick and precise tuning while preventing accidental tampering in the field. Second and third axis adjustments allow for extreme fine-tuning. An optional rear peep system eliminates the need for a string mounted peep sight and improves shot accuracy and consistency by helping the shooter properly torque the grip.

Burris Oracle 2 Rangefinder Bow Sight

MAP: $799

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