Holiday Gift Ideas for Hunters and Shooters

Finding that special gift for a hunter or shooter can be daunting for loved ones out of the loop. With the holidays right around the corner, we have put together a gift guide that will make any outdoorsman and woman happy. With prices from $45 up to $2,500, there is something for just about everyone.

Bow Sight: Burris Oracle

Quickly determining target distance while bow hunting is critical. The Burris Oracle laser-rangefinding bow sight instantly provides hunters exact distance and exact aiming point while at full draw, eliminating guessing distances and aiming between pins. The illuminated aiming pins are displayed on the vertical LED trajectory bar running through the entire midsection of the sight. The bar also displays a fixed 20-yard pin for a constant reference point when ranging targets. The Oracle will learn the trajectory or drop for two different arrow configurations and will accommodate up to 176 inches of drop at 100 yards.

MSRP: Oracle: $799

Burris XTR III SeriesRiflescope: Burris XTR III Series

In long-distance target shooting, accurate hits cannot be achieved without a clear view of the target. Burris’ XTR III line of riflescopes feature premium glass and optical improvements, including a smaller eyepiece signature and larger eye box, provide best-in-class field-of-view, deeper depth of focus and outstanding light transmission. Available in a 3.3-18x50mm and 5.5-30x56mm, both models are built with a 34mm body tube for increased strength and extended adjustment range. Elevation adjustments up to 120 MOA on the 3.3-18x50mm take the 6.5 Creedmore past one mile and expanded side parallax adjustment on both models allows fine-tuning focus at shorter distances.

MSRP: XTR III 3.3-18x50mm: $2,039; XTR III 5.5-30x56mm: $2,159

Stoeger STR-9

Handgun: Stoeger STR-9

Whether it’s fun at the range or self protection, expensive doesn’t always equal better. The Stoeger STR-9 striker-fired, semi-automatic pistol blends form and function to create an all-around solution at a great price. The STR-9 features a corrosion-resistant black nitride finish, available interchangeable backstrap grips for a custom fit and 4.17-inch barrel for easy concealment and quick deployment. Rugged and reliable, the STR-9’s grip angle is engineered to match the drift-adjustable, three-dot sights for true target alignment and combines with a low-bore axis for reduced muzzle rise to quickly reacquire targets for follow-up shots.
A smooth-pulling, crisp trigger houses an internal safety for extra security.

MSRP: STR-9: $329

 Stoeger P3500 Pump

Shotgun: Stoeger P3500 Pump

Just about every shotgun shooter began with a pump-action shotgun. Reliable and cost-effective, these durable shotguns have accompanied many a hunter into fields and hunting blinds. Known for making quality shotguns that won’t break the bank, Stoeger offers the P3500 Pump which packs great features such as a chrome-lined barrel, dual-action bars and a rotating bolt head in an economic package. Ergonomic styling with a thin forend profile gives the shotgun a smooth swing with instinctive pointing.

MSRP: P3500 Pump: $339

Long-Range Shooting Training

Long-Range Shooting Training

From target shooters to Western game hunters, having the confidence and skills to shoot out to long distances is paramount. Outdoor Solutions’ Long-Range Shooting School will help extend shooters’ distances and instill the confidence needed when it matters most. The two-day class focuses on reconfirming shooting basics, teaching proper shooting techniques and highlighting the limitations of both the hunter and equipment. The class includes bench shooting, in-field practical shooting, how to correctly use optics, creating a range card and using a ballistic app for their equipment combination. Expert instructors present the information in easy-to-understand presentations that are not overwhelming or confusing. Class sizes are also kept low for a high instructor-to-student ratio with plenty of one-on-one time to maximize learning. The class includes transportation to and from the lodge, food and beverages, three-nights lodging and two days of training.

MSRP: $2,500 (two days, three nights)

Lifetime Hunting License

Lifetime Hunting License

Giving a friend or family member a lifetime hunting license takes away the hassle of annually renewing their license. In some states, the lifetime license covers hunting tags for varied game animals that would otherwise need to be purchased separately with additional costs. In addition to keeping your loved ones legal in the eyes of gaming officials, the money from license sales helps fund wildlife conservation programs across the nation. With many state wildlife departments accepting online applications for licensing, it is easier than ever to give the gift of hunting for a lifetime.

MSRP: Varies by state


NRA Membership

Made up of nearly five million members, the National Rifle Association is the frontline defense for protection gun rights. The NRA has successfully beat hundreds of efforts by groups to infringe on Second Amendment rights. Buying a membership for a loved one not only provides funding for the NRA to continue their efforts, members can enjoy many benefits such as discounted insurance, magazine subscription, travel assistance and other special savings and offers from trusted NRA partners.

MSRP: Annual Membership: $45

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