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At Blue Heron Communications, we employ a wide range of proven tactics to ensure our clients receive the most value from their marketing communications dollar.

 Public Relations

Each tactic undertaken by BHC on behalf of its partners is designed to help move products. BHC’s extensive public relations service offerings include proven tactics that can be modified to best adhere to partners’ goals and budgets while also remaining adaptable to the ever-changing landscape of mass communication. BHC is on a first-name basis with the industry’s key opinion leaders who turn to BHC for insight and direction. BHC generates impactful media coverage that reaches end-user groups to drive sales and keep brands top of mind.

PR Strategy and Message
Editorial Pitching
Media Relationship Building
Press Releases
Point of Contact for Media
Fulfillment of Media Requests
24/7 Crisis Management
Product Placement

Influencer Seeding/Loaning
Brand Spokesperson
Media Training
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Distribution Database Management
Internal Communications
Press Kits

 Social Media

No longer can social media be overlooked as just a passing trend. In today’s crowded landscape of new media, new brands and ever-evolving products, companies who ignore social media do so at their own risk. BHC helps its partners intuitively incorporate social media into their marketing goals. It’s more than just how many fans and followers a brand can get and BHC works to ensure that its partners build and maintain relationships within the large, influential social media community.

Social Media Management
Social Media Strategy and Planning
Campaign Development and
Social Media-Ready Content

Influencer Networking

Social Advertising

 Content  Development 

Content is the fuel that drives public relations and marketing. More so now than ever before, companies must produce compelling, engaging, and socially relevant content. BHC offers a wide range of content creation services from video production and ghost writing articles to designing infographics and more. 

Blog Posts
Multimedia Content

Packaging/POP Copy

 Event Planning

Media events are effective generators of positive media coverage. Whether it’s a hunting or fishing trip to test out the latest gear, a visit to the factory or a celebration of an important milestone with key opinion leaders and valued customers, BHC has decades of experience in the planning and successful execution of media events that garner the interest and participation of A-list media. Whether the event is stateside or anywhere around the world, no detail is too small; no obstacle too large. BHC excels at making the most out of event budgets, carefully pairing those with marketing emphases to deliver returns on investments that can be measured in both dollars and goodwill.

Concept Development
Pre-event Planning and Research

On-site Representation
Post-event Followup
ROI Measurement and Analysis

Pro-Staff Management 

Pro staff/paid endorsees are expected to carry the banner for brands and uphold a brand’s values and reinforce its identity even when cameras and fans aren’t around. Careful vetting of potential pro staffers and paid endorsees is a must to avoid a potential virally driven, fall-from-grace story. With significant contacts within the outdoor industry, BHC can drive the selection of pro staff members and other paid endorsees, aligning those best suited for specific brands and areas of marketing emphases. Contract negotiations, on-site handling, leveraging of media coverage and the oversight of deliverables fulfillment are some of the many ways BHC provides a turnkey solution to brands seeking to connect with customers through pro staffers and paid endorsees.

Brand-Appropriate Endorsee
Contract Negotiation
Performance Evaluation
Coordinating Usage of Endorsee
Endorsee Promotion for Brand

 Measurement and  Analytics 

Measurement and the analysis of data generated should be the cornerstones of any effective public relations campaign. Far from just buzzwords, measuring the successfulness of individual tactics and entire campaigns empowers brands with an understanding of its business and its customers to see where the greatest returns on investments can be had. Just knowing what happened isn’t enough. BHC’s powerful results come from a blend of traditional measurement tools and the agency’s proprietary analysis formulas that tell brands why things happened and what will happen.

Brand-Specific Editorial
     Measurement and Analysis
Digital Impression Tracking
Social Media Analytics

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Social Media Optimization (SMO)