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Where Passion Meets Proficiency

Blue Heron Communications attracts birds of a feather: everyone here loves and understands the outdoors. Each of us has an extensive background in corporate communications to go along with experience working for some of the most prestigious advertising and public relations agencies, daily newspapers and national magazines. This group produced quality radio, television and print content in the “outside world” before switching over to a full-time outdoor regimen. We consider it a reward for a job well done. At the same time, we know much work remains to be done – YOUR work. outdoor marketing, outdoor public, relations outdoor pr

Meet The Herons

Gary Giudice : Founder/President

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Ron Giudice - Bass Fishing - El Salto - Blue Heron Communications

Ron Giudice : Vice President

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Darren Cole

Daren Cole: Partner and General Manager

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Greg Duncan

Greg Duncan : Account Executive

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Jordan Egli : Director of Digital Marketing

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Jeff Puckett :  Field Specialist

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Steve Scott : Special Projects Coordinator

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Tonya Giudice - redfish - Blue Heron Communications

Tonya Giudice : Office Manager/Graphic Designer

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Valarie Shaw: Social Media Specialist

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Deke : Vice President of Morale

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There are some who can live without wild things and some who cannot.

― Aldo Leopold